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By registering for Report-It users acknowledge that they understand and agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • Users are to provide a valid email address
  • Users are to keep all usernames and passwords secure
  • Users must restrain from sharing user names and passwords with others
  • Passwords are to be changed regularly
  • Users must ensure contact details are up to date and accurate
  • The City of South Perth is not liable for any loss suffered to users as a result of sharing or losing passwords
  • Users agree to the terms of use outlined in the City's Privacy Policy.
  • The City of South Perth take reasonable steps to ensure its website and links are virus-free, however, it is the users responsibility to ensure their computer is equipped with adequate anti-virus protection
  • Access to the service may sometimes be unavailable due to maintenance, and can also be affected by user's service providers, network connection and computer (if users experience connection difficulties they should retry accessing the service at another time)
  • Any deliberate attempt to gain access to unauthorised information may contravene State, Federal and/or International law and may incur criminal penalties
  • Accounts that contravene these terms and conditions may be closed without notice
  • Inactive accounts are routinely closed by the City. The City will make every effort to advise users before their account is closed.
  • Accounts closed by users or the City will not remove/delete users records from the City's core service systems and the data will remain in the system